• Sara Blackard

A trip to the Alamo brings introspection and a bit of sweat...

Texas heat could melt a woman…

…I know. I experienced it this last September.

There's a t-shirt in the gift shops that say "If you can't take the heat, leave Texas!" I looked at those shirts and told them, "Not until the conference is over, you bully." They don't like it when you talk back to them.

So I went to the Alamo while I was there. I could glimpse it of out the window of our hotel room (Thank you Jesus for answered prayers!) It was beautiful and thought-provoking. And much deeper than just wondering how Joe, the cute actor could handle being in his get-up in that heat. We talked for quite a while about what it would've been like, how long did the siege last, why were the people willing to fight for land that technically wasn't even their's. When we were about done, he told me to go into the little museum and check out Davie Crockett's hairbrush.

There wasn't much in the museum. Some rifles. A few uniforms. Some personal items. I wanted to spend time reading the displays and stories, but had a very small window before conference meetings started. I found Davie Crockett's brush, and next to it sat this tin box that Crockett carried with him. It surprised me, because this box isn't small. Crockett was a man in a foreign land, looking for a better future. What would cause a man to carry such an awkward box by horse across miles on his journey?

That box got me thinking about what things I carry? I just finished the first draft of a novel that has a heroine who carries her mother's Appalachian dulcimer with her. She has the memories of her mother in the case, but she's also packed it full of fears, regrets and lies. Do I have such a thing in the items I've lugged around the country as we've moved from place to place? 

Then I started thinking about what do I want to carry with me? The answer quickly came back as God. In all the things I can take with me as I travel across the miles or down the street, I pray I'm taking God with me, pray He guides my thoughts, actions, and words. And here's the crazy thing, I know He takes me with Him, carries me through all my troubles, and through the joy. He says so in Isaiah 46:4 "And I'll keep on carrying you when you're old. I'll be there, bearing you when you're old and gray. I've done it and will keep on doing it, carrying you on my back, saving you."

Wow...not much more I can say to that. What are you carrying with you? Are you like Crockett, lugging around this awkward box? You can bet, whether you recognize it or not, that God is faithful to carry you.

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