Vestige of Courage

Vestige in Time Series Book Three

This is her wildest dreams come true … 

… until it shatters her long-held illusions.

Beatrice Thomas lives a simple life on an isolated mountain homestead in 1879 Colorado, but she prays for a life of adventure. Unfortunately for her, that requires a miracle.

Chase Bennett’s life is on hold while he searches for his missing brother. When he stumbles upon the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen in the middle of the woods, she provides a distraction he doesn’t need.

As their friendship grows, Beatrice is bewildered by the complicated lives of those in a modern-day world. The adventure she longed for may be more than she can handle. 

Torn between the past and the promise of a better future, can Beatrice move forward and grasp the vestige of courage that’s buried deep within her?