Vestige of Legacy

Vestige in Time Series Book Three

A woman bent on survival…


…a man haunted by his failures…


…thrown together by a tumble through time.


Just when Samara gets her life under control, God snaps another string loose in her already messed up life.


After years of fighting for survival, Samara has finally found her path in life--performing music with the hope of finally putting down roots. But when she tries to escape a violent attack and ends up one hundred and forty years in the past, it appears her dreams for the future have once again been ripped from her grasp.


Orlando is determined to build a life worthy of his late father’s legacy. 


While trekking through the Coloradan Rockies in 1879, Orlando finds a wounded woman. He questions why God has brought her into his life. He has what it takes to heal her body, but will he be able to mend her heart? 


When fear and doubt come calling, will they lean on each other or will their insecurities tear them apart?

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