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Discovering Rafe-Audiobook

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About this premium AUDIOBOOK

**Winner of the 2021 Swoony Award for American Hero Suspense**

Her brother’s best friend has always held her heart. Now that she has his attention, will her happily ever after be ripped away?

Piper Fields finds contentment in managing her cousin’s music career from the safety and anonymity of staying behind the scenes.

Since her parents’ death at barely thirteen, Piper’s fear of losing others has kept her focused on caring for those she loves. Meanwhile, her own dreams have been left backstage. Not that it really mattered anyway. Her dreams were out of reach and so was her brother’s friend, Rafe Malone.

Rafe Malone approached life with a firm desire to safeguard those who couldn’t protect themselves and have fun in the process.

That all changed the day a mission for the Army turned south, forcing him to take the life of a child soldier. Now, the jokester mask he wears to hide his pain is put to the test when his best friend’s sister needs his help. No matter how hard he tries to convince himself he shouldn’t taint her with his tarnished soul, her nurturing presence tempts him to break the bro code of staying away from your friend’s sister.

Can Rafe keep Piper safe when the evasive threat turns deadly?

Will Piper trust what she’s discovered in Rafe or is it just another childish daydream?

If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you'll love the 5th book in Sara Blackard's riveting inspirational security romance series.

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What readers are saying:

"So far I have loved this whole series but Discovering Rafe is by far my favorite story line yet!"  -KrisNicole

Very good story with romance and thrills.” -Olivia

I have enjoyed this serious. Nice combination of romance and action.” -Karen A. P.

These guys that are part of the Stricker force have problems dealing with experiences in battle but have the friendship that helps them be overcomers! I love each one of them and the challenges they face as they work and help others.” -Cathy E.

I truly enjoy reading books by Sara Blackard." -M. Minton

The mystery, suspense and romance is awesome in the Stryker Security stories and this one is no exception. This is a sweet, clean romance.” -Donnac

Such a great story, with both of them fighting through their insecurities, and ultimately winning. Throw in a nasty villain and a daring rescue, and this was simply terrific!" -Becca E. H.

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