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Song of a Determined Heart

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About this premium eBook

In the rugged heart of the untamed Rocky Mountains, a tale of love, survival, and second chances unfolds.

Otto Lee, burdened by memories of a haunted past, finds purpose as a sheep rancher near the budding town of Fryingpan Town. His quiet life takes a turn when he stumbles upon Klara Sorg—a spirited young woman muted by her own devastating tragedies. By rescuing Klara, Otto unwittingly begins a journey toward his own redemption.

United by unexpected circumstances and keeping close their own secrets, Otto and Klara must traverse the treacherous wilderness, ever vigilant against the lurking dangers and the whispers that threaten their fragile bond. As winter's chill approaches and shadows grow, their love faces its most profound challenge.

Set against the vast backdrop of the wild west, this inspirational historical western romance will sweep you into an era of raw devotion and unwavering hope. Engage your heart in a compelling story of resilience and redemption that promises to enthrall until the very last word.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Serina Ortega
Let Me Reach High

If I was able to lift my arms in the air for you I would. Rejoicing in the Lord and his word are what this wonderful, loving and precious book is about. The yearning and trepidation of the characters made me love this book. Raise your arms and twirl with the Lord.

Sarah J.
Fantastic Beautiful Story!

I loved Otto and Klara's story! It is one of struggle, hope, love, and grace! I stayed up WAY WAY WAY too late finishing it all in one sitting. I was amazed at how the author took a mute character and still brought so much emotion, development, and "conversation" between the characters! I just could not put it down! I highly recommend reading this book, but be sure to start it early so you don't stay up too late!

Denise Gilbert
Loved it!!!

This was the book I didn't know I needed. These characters had my heart breaking for their back stories. So glad they got their HEA!! Thank you for these spinoff stories from the Vestige in Time series. It has been so fun to revisit those characters and that world!! Hope we get more at some point! After all, River Daniels needs his HEA after Violet broke his heart! ;-)

Jodi Enns
fabulous historical romance & redemption

What a delight it was to read “Song of a Determined Heart”. I love it when authors pick up an unfinished or briefly introduced story from previously enjoyed books and share their continued journey. (This book can easily be read as a stand alone novel; however, you would miss out on background details from other books.) Otto was given a second chance and a new livelihood through the generosity of Orlando Thomas. Saving mute Klara from the cruelty she experienced came automatically to Otto as he charged in to rescue her. They continue to save each other as their story unfolds in unexpected twists and turns. Their journey contains mystery, heartbreak, murder and loss but also the beautiful hope of love, faith, friendship and new beginnings. I absolutely loved Otto and Klara’s story and didn’t want to see it end! If you haven't read Sara Blackard's books before, you are missing out!!

Karalee Rogers-Goodrich
A must read story

I love this book. Sara has written a beautiful story of overcoming difficult circumstances. Otto's guilt and Klara's physical limitations represent real life problems. Her characters feel like people you know, love, and cheer for. Sara's stories draw you in from the start and she weaves twists and turns throughout the book.