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A Rebel's Heart

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About this premium eBook novelette

He’s loved his best friend since he met her. She’s ignored him since his accident shattered her world. Will a second chance sweep them away toward love?

Arne Rebel’s life exploded the day his bullet ricocheted, killing his best friend Katie’s fiancé.

He’s spent the last four years making up for that mistake as a medic in the military. After being discharged because of an injury, he’s now back in the small Alaskan gold mining community, determined to reconcile his friendship with Katie. Or at least gain her forgiveness.

Katie Titus struggles between the anger over losing her fiancé and the hole left by her best friend’s betrayal.

But after years of Arne’s letters asking for forgiveness, she’s doubting her motives for staying away. When a pregnant mother needs her help for the summer, Katie jumps at the opportunity to escape her memories and confusing emotions.

When an accident forces Arne and Katie together, will they reconcile their past or will the space between them grow?

If you like heart-pounding adventures, toe-curling romance that keeps it clean, and a family of captivating characters, you’ll love Sara Blackard’s riveting romantic Alaskan adventure novelette.

What readers are saying:

"A Rebel’s Heart, a stirring story of forgiveness and reconciliation, is a touching and entertaining prequel to Ms. Blackard’s exciting Alaskan Rebels series."  -Carolyn

I loved this quick short story about Katie and Arne!” -Bee#7

You will love the characters in this story and find yourself hoping that there are more characters like them coming your way..” -Dave

I love these adventures that Sara Blackard writes.” -Mary G.

Sweet, loving story about forgiveness and trust!" -Demi

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tommie Byrd
Fantastic reading

I had a hard time ⌚
Like putting it down to eat etc.

Barbara Bianchi
Fun, fast paced romance

Kate's heart starts to turn as we begin her journey.
Arnee has always loved her, but has he changed too much?
Settle in and find out.

Fran Browne
Rebel's Heart

Author creates Alaskan adventure and swoon worthy romance quickly in this short novella. A good intro to the series

Lisa Egnew
Fun clean read

Enjoyed this clean read.

Jula Ann McCoy
Frendship lost. Will love be found?

I enjoyed this story. I would have liked to know more about the characters and their back story, but you can only put so much in a short tale.