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Wild About Violet

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About this premium eBook

Falling for my fake fiancée? Nope. Not gonna happen. I’m not about to ruin a great friendship with her over a pretend relationship.

Honestly, I had no idea the whole fake relationship front was a thing. When my biggest sponsor for my snowboarding career wanted to partner me up with my stalker teammate for a race around the world, I panicked and claimed my fiancée wouldn’t approve of me teaming up with the lunatic. Normally, I’m not big on lying, but, seriously …the psycho snuck into my hotel room during last winter’s Xtreme Games! Totally creeped me out. 

My friend Violet didn’t bat an eye when I begged her to go along with the farce. She’s cool like that, willing to help out, even if it’s something ridiculous like pretending to be engaged. Probably because it gives her a break from the dating game.

You see, Violet hasn’t had the best luck with men lately. I’m betting it’s because of her silly notion that with one kiss, she’ll know if the guy is her one true love. I have no idea how she came up with that idea, but she’s determined it's foolproof.

So, now we’re racing the globe together, doing insane stunts and puzzles, trying to win ten million dollars my sponsor's nonprofit. We’re having a blast, but I’ve got a major problem. I don’t think I want my fake fiancée to be fake anymore. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m wild about Violet. But how do I convince her that her one kiss rule needs to be broken?

Wild About Violet is a laugh-out-loud, heart-melting romcom with an artsy neurodivergent heroine, an extreme sports cinnamon roll hero, and swoonworthy chemistry that keeps you turning the page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sheila H.

Love having "Amazon pay" available for purchasing items. It gave me an easy option to support the author.
Loved Violet's book. Can't wait to read Rory's story!

Terry E.

I purchased 6 large pouches for my granddaughters. They all love to read and look at their books everyday. My plan is to fill the pouches up with little summertime fun goodies. They’ll love them!!!💕

Elizabeth C.

I just received, and immediately read, Wild About Violet. I absolutely loved it! It was a really sweet read that tackled a rare challenge in her life, and the awakening of a friendship into true love ❤️

Kristina S.

With each book Sara Blackard sets the bar higher on romance and adventure. All of her books are so good and clean I’ve gotten my teenage daughter hooked on them as well. Wild About Violet is no exception and is filled with the fun adventures that you wish you were on. Kemp and Violet are so vividly real I feel like I’m watching friends go through life. If you’re in need of a happy adventure story that you’ll start way too late at night but have to finish, then Wild About Violet is the book for you.

Laura B.

Sara Blackard’s Wild About Violet is the second in the series Wild Hearts of Alaska. Violet Wilde, cousin to Denali Wild and co owners of a kennel and works part time in Search And Rescue.

Kemp Rees is Violets best friend. He’s a snowboarding champion and his agent signs him up for a celebrity race and partner with a woman he’s avoiding. He asks Violet to pretend to be his fiancé and do the race with him. Racing together brings feelings to the surface and conflicts arise.

Sara brings lots of romance, emotions and humor all together for a entertaining read. You’ll not be disappointed.